Monday, November 20, 2006

Turkey Tiime

Hi all--just checking in with you all from central Illinois. I had a very productive day today. George got up early and had some banking business and shopping to do in Champaign, and when he left I got up and straightened up dusted the living room--boy, did it need it!! (you know how things just gather and then it gets to be clutter?) George has been fighting a chest cold for the past week--he hasn't left the house in over a week--and so he felt good enough to go and do some errands today. We had some snow two mornings ago, but as soon as the sun came out and it warmed up it melted, but I got some pictures. And the weather forcast for the rest of this week is calling for high 40's to low 50's. That is good becasuse we have a full week ahead of us. Wednesday night Travis is going to work only half a shift and he will be done at 7 or 8--of course, I have to go and get him. Then his brother or his dad are comming to get him that night--he is going to his dad's for Thanksgiving. So George and I will be "home alone" for Thanksgiving--we are planning to go out to eat at Doc's--which used to be the Triple K--in Buckley. They have a really good spread for Thanksgiving--excellent meal!! And we will be taking Frannie with us becasue she is off and has no family here either. It should be a nice afternoon. Thursday night, Rob Knell and I are hosting a 'family" type leftover potluck up at the Bowling Alley. We want to be with all our friends and eat and be merry--but they got to bring a dish to share!! Then on Friday morning George is in one of his "early shopping" modes, as he is planning on us being in Champaign for shopping at 5 a.m.--we'll see how it goes!! haha. Saturday, our town is having it's Christmas parade and clebration stuff going on--we've never been as we have no little ones, but George seems interested in going to check it out this year. I guess.
And then Sunday is the day to recuperate, and get ready for Monday--unless the Bears are playing--???? I'm not really a fan of football, but they have to be better than the Packers. (sorry Wisconsin relatives!!) ha ha ha--little joke.
Well, that is all for now--I think I am caught up.
Although it saddens me to think that I will never have a "reason" to go to Crystal Falls anymore, I am excited for John and Betty and Pennie and their big move. I hope you have lots of help and don't try to do it all in one day!! George and I look forward to visiting you there next time we come up.
Until next time, have a great Thanksgiving everyone!!
Chris and George

Sunday, November 12, 2006

the next generation...

I snapped this picture of John's grandaughter Breanna. He says she is the next minister in the family.

Checking in...

Well it's been a week since I've gone and heard my brother preach in Michigan. I called them the other day to see how much snow they got (some) but he daid they got jipped out of a real Indian summer. I said I was sorry, that we were having it for them and if I could I would send some it their way. I asked if he had heard from our other sister who went to New York and he had not heard from her yet, so we don't know when she will be back. I keep looking for her on the Today show, because I told her to go and stand out front with all the other tourists and that I would be watching for them, but I haven't seen her there yet either. I know they were going to 4 shows, and going to ellis island. I suggested that they go to ground zero, but she didn't seem interested in going there. Anyway I am anxious for them to get back and here about their trip!
I also video taped John's sermon, the whole service in fact and when we get it downloaded we will send him and Betty a copy, and he can make more copies to share. I hope the sound is better than with Peter's. We'll see. And don't look for it soon as he has alot of film making projects to finish before that one (for our sister's side of the family and they all get together at Thanksgiving).
Well hope everyone has a good week. Until next time, take care.
Chris and George

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

This picture too...

Sorry, this picture didn't take the first time...

Sunday pictures

Here are a couple of family shots taken last Sunday. We all came together to hear John preach one last time at United Lutheran.

Dorthy was right, there is no place like home..

Just wanted everyone to know that I made it back safe and sound from my little sojourn to Michigan to hear my brother preach one last time before they move to Wisconsin. It was an emotional day for all of us, and then I had to drive back all the way to Illinois by myself on Monday. I drove the round about way becasue I am not a Nascarr driver and don't like any kind of traffic at all--so I took the long way around Green bay, and then all two-lane country highways the rest of the way. I don't like to drive at night either, so yeasterday when I was stressing out and it was geting dark, I finally found a motel and pulled over for the night, although I really wanted to get home. Needless to say, I didn't start out this morning from central Wisonsin umntil 9 am and just pulled into the drive way at 3:00 --just in time to take my son to work!! (don't worry, I had George drive him today, ha ha).
So I am going to finish chilling out now, and see what is on TV tonight. Hopefully, it won't be another rerun--already??--of Gilmore Girls!! I am losing interest really fast with that program anyway becasue of the new producers/ network.(I don't care for the lighting, and the charater's characters aren't quite the same either). Too bad because that show could have gone on for two or three more years or more!! of well.
I hope everyone has a good night.
Chris and George

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

too early to blog

Well, I did it again, although George did try and wake me up a few hours ago to go with him to town, and I fell back asleep. However, it's not 3 am this time, but of ocurse, noon.
Travis and I are in this bad habbit of staying up for a few hours when I go and get him at 1:30--las night I stayed up till 4:30 watching Roseanne.
Yesterday, we all went to Rantoul for lunch, and took Travis to the Pawn shop for parts for his guitar. He needed one new tuner key--the little key at the top of the guitar head that holds the string. He also needed a new string and some picks. He also picked up a new cable so he could plug into an amp, although his dosent work at the moment. And after working on his guitar for an hour or so yesterday, he got it all put back together and can jam now. We play "name that tune" with mom, or "do you know this one??"--I am getting old because I usually don't. But he is excited about being able to play again, so that is a good thing I guess.
Well, George is moving something in the kitchen and got to go see what is going on in there. "Till next time--have a good one!!
Love Chris and George

Saturday, October 14, 2006

too tired to blog..

It's like 3 am, and Travis woke me up an hour ago when he came home from work--thus this is my early morning "UP" time. George does not like me when I have my early morning up time because I end up sleeping the morning away--I take a nap on the couch and, well yesterday didn't wake up until after noon!! (oops, sorry).
Travis is doing well at his job--he's still got it!! I guess he is doing very good because last week they gave him a nice set of measuing tools in a nice case--just for him!! And yesterday, he came home with information on his insurance and other benifits. He seems to like it, although our friend and neighbor Rob Knell is getting switched to day shift, while Travis will stay on second shift--ggod thing I did not go and get a job yet, as I guess it's back to Mom's Cab service for me.
The other day George and I went shopping in Champaign and while we were at Best Buy--he was impressed with John and Betty's TV and was considering moving up to big flat screen HD TV--he brought a CD to my attention. Do you remember me telling you all about when we were up at the shipwreck museum, and I wanted to buy the Gordon Lightfoot CD, and he thought it was too expensive for a CD?? Well he found a Gordon Lightfoot CD with the Ed Fitz song on it for me there!! He thought that CD was reasonably priced and bought it for me. So I've been busy the past few days looking up stuff about the ED Fitz, as I want to try and make my own music video of the song--cool hey?? For example--did you know there is such a thing/place as the Maritime Sailors Catherdral--it's in Detroit, and they hold a special Ed Fitz memorial service every November!!
Well got to go for now. Sorry it's been awhile since I've posted--will try to do better. Have a great weekend!!
Chris and George

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

patience is a virtue...???

Whoever said patience is a virtue was probably waiting in line for something, or waiting on an important phone call.
Today it's been a week since Travis went for his physical and drug test for a great job with our friend Rob Knell, and I was starting to think they forgot about him. I've been bugging Rob all week but he hadn't heard anything, and was going to make a point of checking on it today for us, when the phone just rang and it was Alamo--the company he applied with. Trais answered the phone--he said good thing it wasn't me becasue I might not have answered it becasue it came up as an 800 number and I don't do those numbers--but he answered it and it was for him. They told him to come in to start work on Monday at 4:00, but be a little early to do some more paper work. I'm proud of him. If he does good and keeps this job he will be on his way to somewhat getting his life back in order. But at least now he has a chance, what he does with it reamins to be seen I guess.
Also on Friday, Travis and I are going to go and get all his probation paperwork transferred to Illinois from Indiana. It will cost him $75.00 and will take about 2 hours worth of paperwork. But then he will be all set over here.
Also, George finally got his big payday--no they did not cancel his check this time. And so this weekend we are going to garage sales looking for a bed for Travis. He also is mailing out some bills--credit cards that is. I didn't realize how much he was paying out in credit cards alone!! It will certainly be nice not to have those every month!
So that is all for now. We are going to take Travis and his friend Herrell to work today. (he is still working this job till next week). Until next time, take care.
Chris and Geroge

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

yellow light is for caution!!

I went and picked up Travis last night from work and we stayed up 'till almost 5 am watching a movie and talking. On the way home my cell phone rang--it was his woman friend--remember she isn't a girl--who has all his things. They talked for some time and Travis told me they have to figure out a time to go and get his stuff from her--probably in a few weeks on a Friday. So then I was watching an old episode of Gilmore Girls this morning and the phone rang again--it came across as not recognizing the number--annonomous--but I answered it anyway. It was some marketing company asking for Travis--and I had to drag it out of the girl on the other end for her to identify herself and what she wanted. I told her that Travis was sleeping and she said she would call back. Then a few minutes later the phone rang againg and it was an area code I recognized and it was his woman friend's son calling for Travis. (he just called back now). I told him also then that Travis was still sleeping to call back later.
I guess I didn't realize that I had to tell Travis not to give our phone number out and forgot to realize that he may have friends that would want to talk to him. So when he finally did get up I kind of told him not to give out our number--we really don't use our phones other than having them in an ememrgency and for like calling his Auntie Dawn and stuff. I guess we will have to go and get him his own phone--a pay as you go phone so then he can buy his own minutes. I didn't realize we would have issues about phone usage right off the bat!! Silly me.
Other than that we are fine and he is good--still working. George is keeping busy cleaning the kitchen and then going to see his friends in the afternoon. I am cleaning as rearranging the bedroom, as most of the stuff that came out of the other bedroom for Travis still needs to be put away in our room now--where are we going to put it all??? I will have to make room I guess.
That is all for now--if there are any new developments, we will let you know as soon as it happens!!
Until next time, take care and have a good one!
Chris and George